HB Audio – PA System Hire, Event Audiovisual Services

Based in leafy Montmorency (between Greensborough and Eltham), HB Audio caters for the most intimate gatherings to large public, private or corporate events.

HB Audio offers skilled services and equipment for all kinds of events including music, presentations, speeches, public address, parties, bands, concerts, festivals, sport, and your special occasions.

HB Audio also “goes beyond 20KHz” with experience not only in audio, but also lighting, video, TV, and AV.

HB Audio offers a range of straightforward to use PA System Hire and Lighting Hire equipment for your gatherings that will fit in a standard car. Your own iPods, media players, etc. can be connected to driveway hire PA Systems. Larger or more elaborate equipment is also available for driveway hire by the more experienced customer.

Whether full service where HB Audio does it all or self-service using driveway hire equipment is right for you, we carefully consider your need, and arrange the right skilled people and quality equipment so your event is a great success.