HB Audio Vision offers a range of straightforward to use audio/PA equipment for your gatherings that will fit in a standard car. Your own iPods, media players, etc. can be connected to driveway hire PA Systems. Larger or more elaborate equipment is also available for driveway hire by the more experienced customer.

PA System Hire Options

  • Single Loudspeaker: one powered loudspeaker which your iPod or other media player can connect with. Basic party, celebrant or background music.
  • Add loudspeaker(s) for stereo or larger area.
  • Add Microphone. Wired or radio.
  • Add Mixer for more mics & inputs.
  • Add Subwoofer (large item, subject to suitable transport).
  • Add mics, mixer, foldback loudspeakers for band: for more experienced customers.
  • Add delivery, set up, collection.

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