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PA System Hire, Audio Equipment Sales and Event Production Services in Melbourne

Share the passion where sound plus technology equals life amplified.

HB Audio provides superior customer service at reasonable price to present sound the way you imagine it.

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HB Audio Services

PA Systems are available for music, presentations, speeches, public address, parties, bands, concerts, festivals and special occasions. Lighting systems are also available. We can advise on staging or marquees.

PA System Service

HB Audio provides and operates PA Systems for the most intimate small events to large concerts. We analyse your need and specify the right system for your event. Multiple systems can be provided for events with more than one performance space. HB Audio’s full service includes system preparation, delivery, set up, operation, pack down and removal. We are there to ensure you get the best whatever the scale of your event.

PA System Hire

A range of small PA Systems that you can transport in a standard car is available for hire for events where you can successfully set up and operate the gear without assistance. You can connect virtually anything that replays music including iPods, mp3 media players, CD players, etc. to the systems.

Audio Equipment Sales

HB Audio sells audio and related equipment including microphones, cables, stands, loudspeakers, mixers, accessories and complete PA systems. We represent a wide range of quality brands and offer value for money pricing.

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Get in touch today and let HB Audio amplify your life! Call us now on 94329629 or email your event or purchase enquiry to sales@hbaudio.com

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